Le merveilleux gazon du Palais National…The pristine lawn of the National Palace

Ok, you’ve all seen the aerial and sattelite “before and  after” shots of the broken down National Palace…but did any of you notice that there isn’t not even one seoul trempling upon its pristine lawn…everyone is kept at bay on the other side of the 12 foot fence. The Champ-de-Mars next door is overcrowded with survivors and so are the other public areas around those government complexes. But definitely NOT “le gazon”…why not? Mr Preval, what better public relations coup you could have made by opening the gates to your delapidated “palace” and let some folks pitch a couple of hundred tents right there for the world to see and admire. You could even have directed that the American and French contingents be at opposite ends of the yard to minimize international assistance good will gone bad and CNN could befinitely use some new stock footage for their 24/7 coverage – enough pictures of bodies already! But you know, I do remember rather fondly as an elementary school student having to practive for days on end for the big “sport” demonstration parade in front of Papa Doc of all people…right there on that hollowed ground of the “presidential” palace lawn which may have been the way we refered to it back then…yes, I’ll admit, I was scared to death and filled with anticipation all at the same time setting foot on that manicured “gazon” even if for only a fleeting moment now so long ago. You see, I had to walk pass that fence on my way to and from school from 21 Avenue N to St Louis de Gonzague twice daily, a trip I managed to get down to exactly 30 minutes on foot…often times trying not to get caught by the playing of the national anthem at the exact hour of 8 every morning…for everyone within a 1 km radius of the palace who had to of course stand at attention during the entire rendition and mouth the words…well, this would of course cut down on the amout of time one had left for playing in the school yard prior to having to line up at the sounding of the bell…


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