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Project on hold for Alternative Spring Break Haiti…

January 19, 2010

OK folks…unless you’ve been living under a very large rock…you by now know what happened to Haiti on 12 January…the Alternative Spring Break Haiti project is officially on hold since the country would most likely sink to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea if one more group where to arrive to try to help…We’ll be sure to let you know when we kick everything back into gear…
In the mean time…I will be blogging about general observations I have been making about the overall situation and relief efforts in particular…so stay tuned. Phil A.


A week in the life of Haiti Cherie Internationally supported project just six months away…

August 17, 2009

“A Week In The Life Of Haiti Cherie” Internationally Supported Project Just Six Months Away

Released on: August 17, 2009, 12:48 am
Author: Paul Philippe Anglade
Industry: Travel

“A week in the life of Haiti Cherie” internationally supported project just six months away.

Seoul, South Korea – August 17, 2009 – Today marks the six months point from the launching of “A week in the life of Haiti Cherie” the photo book and school project slated for Haiti.

More than 20 international photographers and photojournalists have volunteered to travel to Haiti in order to document all aspects of Haitian life for one week and produce a large format volume as a testament to Haiti.

“This is going to be the most talked about photo book on Haiti ever” predicts the project founder and current program manager Phil Anglade. “We have been planning this for more than 10 years and to see it finally come about is truly gratifying” The international photographers and photojournalists who will be contributing their time and effort to the project are from Hungary, Taiwan, France, Estonia, The Netherlands, Thailand, Israel, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Venezuela, Korea, USA and of course Haiti…to name a few. They will travel to every corner of Haiti and truly experience Haitian life before, during and after Carnival 2010.

A documentary film entitled “Behind the scene of Haiti Cherie” will also be produced with support from various universities and media professionals.

A full week of activities is envisioned starting with a mega musical performance by various artists and numerous other activities throughout the week and ending with the ground breaking ceremony for the school.

The “Haiti Cherie” photography and media production school will offer a wide variety of courses to equip under privilege young adults with marketable skills they will in turn be able to use in order to support themselves.


Contact Details: Paul Philippe “Phil” Anglade
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APO, AP 96206
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